3 Ways Catholic Radio Can Help You Grow During Ordinary Time

Written by on September 19, 2023

During the liturgical year, special emphasis is given to celebrating the central mysteries of our Catholic faith:


  • The Incarnation
  • Jesus’ death on the cross
  • His Resurrection
  • His Ascension into Heaven
  • The descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost


Both Advent and Lent are spiritual seasons that encourage waiting, preparation, and penance.


However, Ordinary Time comprises the most days of the church calendar and also provides opportunities for spiritual growth. Here are three ways Catholic radio can help you grow during Ordinary Time:



  1. During Ordinary Time, Catholic Radio Encourages Participation In Daily Mass


During the seasons of Advent and Lent, the gospel readings focus on events in Jesus’ life that, in a crescendo or rising action, lead to the most important Solemnities of the church year: Christmas and Easter.


Ordinary Time in the Church literally points to the everyday life of Jesus in the gospels during His public ministry. While Jesus was performing miracles and people followed Him, this time was, compared to His miraculous incarnation and resurrection, rather ordinary in its dailiness.


This season in the Church is signified by the color green. This color calls to mind spring, new growth, and maturation. It is also during this time in which the Holy Spirit may be beckoning children of God to come to the table for the celebration of the Holy Mass.


While there are opportunities to attend daily Mass in person, sometimes our schedules or life situations make it difficult or impossible. Catholic radio broadcasts the Holy Mass daily so the faithful may participate despite one’s circumstances. In addition, programs like Daily Bread, The Fathers Know Best, and Fr. Mattingly / Fr. Drew Homily are opportunities in which to appreciate the this special time in the liturgical calendar.


Over a three-year period, through Years A, B, and C, the majority of the Bible is covered in the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel at daily Mass. For those who aren’t in a position to attend a Catholic Bible study, the Holy Mass already provides the Word of God in readings and in the Eucharist.



  1. Catholic Radio Encourages Participation In the Sacraments During Ordinary Time


It is common during Advent and Lent to be busy with both spiritual and secular activities. Especially in preparation for Christmas, schedules fill quickly with shopping and gatherings which also may include stress.


Ordinary Time is an opportunity to engage in a slower pace of daily life. The Church especially calls us to conversion during Advent and Lent, but it is in Ordinary Time when we can establish daily habits in our spiritual lives. These may include daily prayer, Holy Mass, the examen, and especially the sacraments.


When we practice acknowledging the Persons in the Trinity throughout our days, our lives go forward with a rhythm that can lead to deep inner peace. We are fortified when we regularly participate in the sacraments that the Church has passed on to us from Christ’s teachings. Each of the sacraments has its roots in both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.


Programs on Catholic radio often refer to living out our baptismal promises, the importance of the sacrament of confession, and the vital significance the Eucharist has in transforming us to be like Christ.



  1. God Uses Catholic Radio In Ordinary Time To Form Us As Disciples


When we follow along in the readings at daily Mass and participate in the sacraments, we see the life of Jesus through new eyes. Through graces received by studying the Word of God and receiving Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, the Holy Spirit dwells in us in a unique way.


During the three years of Jesus’ public ministry, He repeatedly called people to be His followers, His disciples. The voices on Catholic radio continue that call by reaching out to people across nations. Catholic radio, in its own unique way, fulfills the Great Commission to make disciples of all people.


Daily Mass invites us to be in communion with all Masses said throughout the world. Programs like Called to Communion and The Journey Home welcome Catholics new and old to the Catholic faith. Dr. Scott Hahn and Catholic Answers Live teach listeners about Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Finally, programs such as Mother Angelica Live Classics, The Reason for our Hope with Fr. Larry Richards, and Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo not only point listeners to Jesus, but introduce Jesus in a personal way.


Through the voices of Catholic radio, priests and program hosts are talking to you. They echo the words of Jesus in Matthew 4:19: “Come, follow Me!”



Let Catholic Radio Lead You to Growth in Ordinary Time


In this special time of ordinary days in the Church year, we at Catholic Radio Network invite you to find a favorite program and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to deeper faith in God. May this bless you with inner peace. You can listen online, find your local station, or download our free app for Apple and Android.

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