5 Reasons To Listen To Catholic Radio This Year

Written by on January 10, 2024

How can Catholic radio help you in the new year?


No matter what area of life, everyone likes a fresh start, to begin anew with a clean slate. Our culture traditionally thinks of this for the beginning of a new calendar year. However, there is an opportunity to begin again with the new liturgical year during Advent, or…..even right now! Today! At this very moment!


If one of the things on your list of resolutions is to spend more time with God and to deepen your faith, this list is for you! Here are five reasons to listen to Catholic radio this year:



  1. Listeners Are Inspired and Feel Spiritually Engaged 


Just by turning the station on your radio you are filtering out the stressful sensationalism on some stations and mindless noise on others. Because the heart of Catholic radio is the Truth and the peace of Christ, programming by its very nature is inspirational.


As you listen to the Mass, interviews of guest speakers, homilies, and call-in programs, you will also feel spiritually engaged.



  1. Catholic Radio Teaches the Catholic Faith


The goal of Catholic radio is to broadcast the Truth of the Catholic faith and this is only accomplished by loyalty to the magisterium (teaching body) of the Church.


When you listen to programs on Catholic radio, you will likely be reminded of things you were taught in your past. Even more likely, you will learn a variety of things you didn’t know before.



  1. You Will Be Equipped to Teach Others the Truths of the Catholic Faith


When listening to Catholic radio, you will be reminded of what you learned about your Catholic faith in the past. And when you continue to learn in the present, you can teach others.


There are people in your life that the Holy Spirit may place in your path. They may have lapsed in their faith, or perhaps don’t know much about the Catholic church. By listening to Catholic radio, you will hear different ways of explaining the faith and respond to questions with confidence.



  1. Catholic Radio Will Create A New Hunger For and Appreciation Of the Holy Mass


When you are inspired by what you hear, encouraged in your faith, learn and understand more so you can even explain the Faith to others, something wonderful is next: a desire to attend Holy Mass.


The Mass is rich with symbolism and full of nuances that correspond to the liturgical year. When you realize what you have been missing, Mass becomes something new. You don’t attend out of obligation. The prayers are not just rattled off by heart. Everything becomes meaningful.



  1. You Will Be More Engaged In Your Parish 


It makes sense that when you are encouraged, learning, able to talk confidently about your faith, and enjoy Mass, you will be engaged in your parish.


Some people find their parishes to be too big, too small, too impersonal, and a host of other personal challenges. But when you listen to Catholic radio, you will hear about the Works of Mercy. You will hear the call of Christ to follow Him. There will be a spiritual pull and you will be able to determine your strengths and find your place in your parish.



Catholic Radio Leads To Growth


You may think that Catholic radio may just benefit an individual. That is not wrong, but the reach is so much further. Catholic radio is part of what Pope John Paul II called the New Evangelization. Catholic radio changes minds and hearts, communities, and parishes.


God placed you here at this time for a particular reason. If you are not sure what that is, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and it just may be a program on Catholic radio that points to the answer.


Here at Catholic Radio Network, we invite you to listen online to one of our five livestreams, find your local station, or download our free app for Apple and Android.

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