Catholic Radio Network: Our Top 3 Catholic Apps

Written by on November 14, 2022

We here at Catholic Radio Network want you to know that whether or not you consider yourself to be tech saavy, there are easy to download Catholic apps that can help you grow in faith daily. Apps today are available for both Android and Apple devices and are constantly being improved to bring the best user-friendly content to your fingertips.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Catholic app has to offer, you may be surprised and utilize it on not just a regular, but daily basis. Readings, prayers, devotions, programs, talks, music, and even news from a Catholic perspective are some of the options you’ll find. The following are our top 3 Catholic apps to aid you in your Catholic journey:


1. Catholic Radio Network

If you haven’t checked out our app yet, it’s time! Catholic Radio Network’s app brings you not only local content, but Catholic News and an area dedicated to talks by our beloved Fr. John Riccardo.

Click on our Program Schedule and discover a feature that sets us apart from other Catholic Radio stations: options to listen to 5 different livestreams. Choose one or move among them to create your personal program feed.

Our goal is to fit into your lifestyle and give you multiple opportunities to listen to your favorite EWTN programs. Don’t have our free app yet? Download our app.

You can also check out the programming on each of of our 5 different livestreams!


2. Laudate

Rated the #1 Free Catholic app, Laudate is packed with vast resources. Designed for personal prayer, reading and study, this app’s content is also suitable when you are on the go and need a reference to take with you.

Begin with the Liturgical calendar, complete the daily readings, and discover the Saint of the Day or Daily Bible Verse. It’s also useful to have at church for The Order of the Mass and an examination of conscience broken down for children, young adults, as well as single and married people.

Use Laudate to pray different versions of the rosary and a host of chaplets ranging from the Divine Mercy to St. Jude to Padre Pio. Some prayers are even available in both Latin and English.

Looking to learn more about your faith and the Catholic Church through study? This app also includes two Catholic versions of the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Vatican Documents.

Finally, from Laudate you can link to EWTN or click on Catholic Media to discover even more apps connected to Catholic radio to help you grow your faith. Download Laudate for on Google Play here and on the Apple App Store here.


3. Hallow

Relatively new to the Catholic scene, Hallow is already the #1 app for Catholic Meditation and Prayer. Meditation can be tricky in today’s world with a mix of Eastern and New Age techniques infiltrating Christian and some Catholic circles. But you don’t need to worry about that here. With well known advisors like Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and Lisa Hendey among others, Hallow seeks to stay 100% authentically Catholic and aligned with the Church.

Hallow means to “make holy” and this app is designed to help Catholics make holy lives for themselves. You can track your prayer activity with a place to set a prayer goal to build a habit. After completing a prayer or meditation you can reflect and document your thoughts and experience in the journal section.

There are numerous categories with a variety of up-and-coming and well-known guides. Follow the Morning or Evening Routine, or go to Quick Break to select from several prayers that are 2 minutes or less. Try praying a new Novena or go to Learn where you will find your favorite authors and speakers leading sessions on a variety of topics.

Hallow is suitable for families for the features above but also has a section for sacred and meditative music as well as a Kids area. Other topics include Sunday Reflections, Crowd Favorites and Bible in a Year.

Hallow offers a free version and an upgrade that is periodically discounted. A newer feature includes book studies of Catholic classics (Story of a Soul was earlier this year). Regularly there are challenges within the Hallow community to pray through a program matching the season in the Liturgical Year, with upwards of 30,000 participants. Download Hallow here.


Apps Along with Catholic Radio Strengthen Our Faith

Although it may seem that these apps have nothing in common with each other or Catholic radio, nothing could further than the truth. When we utilize resources to grow in prayer and study, we can better put our faith in action. When we deepen our spiritual life our heart is softened to hear more clearly the voice of God in our life.

In turn, when we circle back to Catholic radio to feed our souls with solid Church teaching, we will better understand the topics discussed about our Catholic faith and the Catholic Church. Catholic radio will more powerfully illuminate our hearts, and we, in turn, can share this light of Christ with others.

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