St. Padre Pio’s 5 Rules for Life

Written by on September 16, 2022

The feast of St. Padre Pio, the mystic and performer of many miracles, will be celebrated on September 23. Perhaps best known in his day as a spiritual father to countless souls, here are 5 rules for life Padre Pio gave his spiritual sons and daughters that can help you get to Heaven! 


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1. Weekly Confession 


In the early days of his priestly ministry, Padre Pio spent lengthy times in the confessional. Once his reputation spread, his confession lines grew until the average waiting time was ten days. He was given the charism of reading souls by God, humbling many of the souls going to him for the Sacrament of Confession.  

Padre Pio was not afraid to be gruff or confrontational to impenitent souls. He knew penitents’ sins better than the penitents themselves, and called out anyone trying to hide something. If you haven’t been to confession in years, take this article as a gentle prompt to go. Ask for Padre Pio’s intercession and run to Christ who can give healing and forgiveness.


2. Daily Communion


It is quite true, we are not worthy of such a gift. However, to approach the Blessed Sacrament in a state of mortal sin is one thing, and to be unworthy is quite another. All of us are unworthy, but it is He who invites us. It is He who desires it. Let us humble ourselves and receive Him with a heart contrite and full of love.”


Padre Pio’s offering of the holy sacrifice of the Mass often lasted hours due to his complete body and soul absorption in the profound mystery of Christ’s True Presence. As an advocate for daily Communion, Padre Pio knew that we could not spiritually survive without the spiritual sustenance drawn from Mass. He once said that “it would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without the Holy Mass.”


Padre Pio models for us in how we should approach Mass. The more we approach the altar of the Lord with awe and love, the more we will appreciate it. The more we appreciate it, the more the Eucharist will transform our lives.


3. Pray Your Rosary

Padre Pio had a great love for Our Lady. In a letter from 1913, his affection for her is clearly seen: “Here we are at last in the month of our beautiful Mother once again….This dear Mother continues to lavish her maternal care upon me, especially during the present month. She takes care of me to an exceeding degree….I am all aflame although there is no fire. I feel myself held fast and bound to the Son by means of this Mother….I’d like to fly off to invite all creatures to love Jesus and Mary.”

He often spent his nights praying the rosary, offering each mystery for those who had asked for his prayers. On top of its intercessory powers, the rosary was Padre Pio’s only consolation. He named the rosary “the weapon for these times.” The rosary is a beautiful prayer that’s meant to unite us to our Heavenly Mother, who in turn brings us to Jesus.


4. Cultivate Humility


For those struggling with pride, read any story about Padre Pio and his interactions with those who criticized his gifts from God. One such story occurred in the earlier days of his ministry at San Giovanni Rotundo. At the time, a priest wrote a libelous pamphlet about Padre Pio. That priest later wound up in prison for other reasons; upon his release, he sought out Padre Pio. The saint ran out to meet the priest, just as the prodigal’s father ran out to meet his son (Lk 15:11-31).

St. John Paul II highlighted Padre Pio’s humility, saying that “difficulties and sorrows, if accepted out of love, are transformed into a privileged way of holiness, which opens onto the horizons of a greater good, known only to the Lord.” Each of our paths to holiness is different, but the means of getting there is the same for everyone: by grace following Christ and taking His will and cross as our own.


5. Get To Know Your Guardian Angel


One of the things Padre Pio is known for is his relationship with his guardian angel. He regularly  sent his angel on “errands.” Or, the guardian angels of his spiritual children would serve as messengers of information to Padre Pio about their spiritual lives and state of their souls. God gave this special grace to Padre Pio, of working with his guardian angel in a special way.

In a letter from 1913, he encouraged one of his spiritual children to develop a strong friendship with our guardian angel. “How consoling it is to know that we have a spirit who, from the womb to the tomb, never leaves us even for an instant, not even when we dare to sin. And this heavenly spirit guides and protects us like a friend, a brother.”


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