4 Ways Catholic Radio Can Guide You Through Holy Week

Written by on March 21, 2024

Holy Week is a time of transition in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic church. It is the movement from Lent to Easter in which the faithful reenact and participate in Christ’s Passion.


“Passion” comes from a Latin word, “patior”, which means “to endure” and “to suffer”. At Catholic Radio Network, we invite you to walk alongside Our Lord during this sacred time in four particular ways:



1. Listen to the Palm Sunday Mass on Catholic Radio Network from EWTN Chapel


Mass on Palm Sunday is a special opportunity for the faithful. On this day that begins Holy Week, you are invited to enter into the narrative of Christ’s sacrificial act to save us from not only our sins, but from death.


This is the story of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Just as people welcomed Jesus into the city, you can welcome Him into your heart, and your week. When you pray along with the Mass, you become one with the community of believers in Christ.



2. Come To Know Jesus Better In the Last Days of Lent


The Lenten season is comprised of 40 days which span about 6 weeks and do not include Sundays. The last days of Lent are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


On these days, you may enjoy Daily Mass with Fr. Kevin Drew at 11am CT, and also Daily Bread (a homily program with Fr. Kevin Drew and Fr. Al Lauer). These are available at different times during the day across our livestreams.


The bible readings for these last days tell the story of Jesus’ anointing, His testimony that one among the twelve apostles will betray him, the foretelling that Jesus will leave the apostles for a time, and that Peter will deny Jesus.


Following along the narrative and listening to the homilies will give you an opportunity to draw nearer to Our Lord. Imagine what it would be like to be with Jesus through this journey. You can also pray along with Chaplet of Divine Mercy / Rosary program.



3. Begin the Holy Triduum With Catholic Radio


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reminds us that the summit of the liturgical year is not Easter in particular, but the Easter Triduum. Triduum comes from a Latin word meaning, “three days”. It begins on Holy Thursday at sundown and concludes on the evening of Easter Sunday.


Although Triduum occurs over three days chronologically, in the ritual of the Catholic church, they are only one day in the Paschal Mystery.

  • Holy Thursday commemorates the institution of the Eucharist: the Real Presence of Jesus: Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity. It also marks the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.
  • Good Friday continues with Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial.
  • Holy Saturday commemorates the Sabbath when Jesus was resting in the grave.
  • Easter Sunday is the first day of the week, the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.


Consider again, tuning in to pray with Chaplet of Divine Mercy / Rosary. Meditate on the Luminous mysteries on Thursday, the Sorrowful mysteries on Friday and Saturday, and the Glorious mysteries on Easter Sunday.


Also listen to the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the evening. In addition, Fathers of Mercy, The Reason For Our Hope, and Christ Is the Answer will shed light on the many facets of spiritual significance on this day.



4. Utilize Catholic Radio Network’s Unique Livestreams Leading To Easter Sunday


At Catholic Radio Network, we have five livestream channels that are available 24/7. Gabriel 1, Gabriel 2, and Gabriel 3 stream EWTN programs at different times during the day so you have multiple opportunities to listen to your favorites.


However, the other two livestream channels are unique. Gabriel 4 streams music. Examples are Catholic classics, hymns from Mass, choir music from Catholic colleges or religious communities or organizations, classical music by Catholic composers, and worship music.


Gabriel 5 is for special events. This includes programs and presentations relevant to holy days and other special feasts during the liturgical year. This livestream channel will have unique content during all of Holy Week, and especially during the Sacred Triduum.



We Invite You To Pray and Learn With Us


Catholic radio is an important tool in the new evangelization. It educates the faithful about Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the teachings that Christ left for us after He established His Church on earth.


By listening you will come to know your faith better, and this will inspire your worship and bring you peace.


Our programming schedule is full of a variety of offerings and we are certain you will find some favorites. We invite you to listen online to one of our five livestreams, find your local station, or download our free app for Apple and Android.

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