Catholic Radio: 6 Weekend Programs For Your Family

Written by on April 4, 2024

For many, the weekend has a routine that differs from the weekday. No matter if you are running errands, driving family members, exercising, or spending the weekend at home, Catholic radio is a great companion. Here are six weekend programs on Catholic radio your family might enjoy:



1. Beyond Damascus


The target audience for this program is young adults, so it’s engaging and practical! Each episode hosted by Dan DeMatte and Aaron Richards includes “life-changing testimonies of ordinary people that launch them into the lives of extraordinary mission for Christ and His Church.”


Past episodes include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice, and Fighting Complacency
  • Fighting for Life, and Blessed Are the Persecuted
  • Discerning God’s Will, and How to Find Joy In Life
  • Why Prophecy Is Important
  • Reviving Community, and Avoiding Burnout



2. Mast Appeal


Looking for a certified life coach who is Catholic? You’ll meet her in this program! Coleen Kelly Mast is a certified life coach, author, speaker, and radio host of this syndicated call-in advice program.


She has authored books and programs for teens, teachers, and parents about love, sex, and chastity. Coleen has children, grandchildren, and a host of hobbies that make her relatable. With her down-to-earth demeanor, you’ll feel like you are receiving counsel from a wise next-door neighbor.



3. The Teaching of Jesus Christ


You will be captivated from the first word when you begin listening to this program. This is the Catechism of the Catholic Church like you have never heard it before. The speaker, a priest from the order of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), is captivating, sometimes humorous, but candid.


In each episode you will learn more about Jesus and what He taught His disciples. References to Church Fathers, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are also woven in with Church history. You won’t just learn what the Catholic Church teaches, but why it is so. And it will be interesting!



4. The Spirit World


Whether you are new to the discussion of angels, demons, and how the physical and spiritual worlds interact, or have some awareness, this program is insightful! Many people have misunderstandings of unseen forces due to pagan and occult practices in our culture.


This program is the place to call or send your questions. Your hosts are Debbie Georgianni, a speaker, certified life/health/wellness coach, and experienced professional in catechetics with a focus on angels. Adam Blai is a Catholic church decreed expert in religious demonology and exorcism.


What you learn in this program will help dispel superstition and give you facts and information on things of a spiritual nature. This insight will help you navigate situations in daily living.


The Catholic church teaches that we are not to pretend the devil doesn’t exist, nor or we to be too curious. This program always focuses on the saving power and dominion of Jesus Christ over all creatures.



5. The Miracle Hunter


You may have seen Michael O’Neill on TV. Now you can listen to him uncover some of the greatest mysteries and marvels of the Catholic Church on Catholic radio.


Have you ever wondered about visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Are you curious about inexplicable medical healings through the intercession of Catholic Saints? Learn about these, Eucharistic miracles, and more when you listen weekly.



6. The Bear Woznick Adventure


Currently, our culture is not teaching manly Christianity, but you can find it when you listen to Bear. In this program he seeks to challenge men to a deep and gritty faith life.


Known for hosting faith-filled, upstanding Catholic influencers, recent episode titles include:

  • Holy Grit
  • Radical Encounter on the Camino
  • Persecution in Modern Times
  • Build Brotherhood
  • The Battle, the Victory, and Offering It Up
  • Joseph, Terror of Demons



Catholic Radio Is Here For You, Every Day Of the Week


In addition to the above, you will find encore presentations of some of our weekly programs, prayers, and Sunday Mass.


We invite you to listen online to one of our five livestreams, find your local station, or download our free app for Apple and Android.

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